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We speak your language.

Throughout our more than 14 years in business UNO has had the opportunity to work with clients in many different industry verticals with very tangible success. Understanding specialization is the key to ensuring that the nuances of industries are not lost on us. What makes one market segment unique is very important to what makes you successful within that discipline. This is reflective in every phase of development, from the initial point of contact through each stage in the process.

At UNO we are able to work efficiently through so many market segments because we pay attention to the details. We know full well that no one understands your business better than you do. So, we listen to you. We combine your experience with ours to provide solutions that draw from both of our areas of expertise. With this confluence of experiences each program is rooted in a base of successful histories to draw from to overcome any challenges that may appear.

Our range of services is designed to provide the opportunity for a tailored solution to each client's individual needs. This allows you to select the elements that suit you and your business requirements, rather than committing to a packaged approach which does not take into consideration your specific objectives.


  • >Customer Service
  • >Collections
  • >Activations
  • >New Product/Sales/Subscriptions
  • >Cross-Sell/Up-sell
  • >Billing Explanations or Payment Applications
  • >Order processing
  • >Retention
  • >B2B and B2C
  • >Lead Generation
  • >Appointment Scheduling
  • >Collections
  • >Welcome Calls
  • >Surveys

UNO has vast experience in managing inbound and outbound programs; we currently support clients in different industries such as, telecommunications, insurance, rebates management, retail, health, life insurance, IT solution support, financial institutions, amongst others. UNO provides these clients and the end users with high quality performance that creates an excellent customer satisfaction experience.

UNO understands that customer Service is an integral part of a company's customer value proposition. Customers may not always recall the detail of their interaction with your company representative but they will undoubtedly remember the feeling that they were left with. All interactions are opportunities to maintain, improve  and  provide a valuable interactions at all levels. 

UNO believes that through the right combination of KPI monitoring, product knowledge training and customer interaction management we will  provide a positive and rewarding experience for your customers. But, most importantly, we understand that it is always about the customer and their perception. This is why NPS and CSAT are an important factor in understanding your clients. So, it is our goal to exceed their expectation at every opportunity.

In the case of driving sales UNO understand that there are many different approaches that can be used but each one of them involves a unique set of skills and the ability to carry these out effectively. Sales opportunities are precious to a company's successful acquisition of new customers. UNO specializes in all areas designed to present these opportunities whether your strategy involves appointment setting, outbound lead generation, direct response marketing or a multi-faceted blended environment sales campaign. UNO will customize a solution that meets your needs.

Our business development team will work within your existing guidelines if established or help you create an agenda based upon what you want to accomplish.


  • >Email Response
  • >Chat
  • >Data Entry
  • >Campaign Setup

For more than 14 years UNO has acquired extensive industry experience offering BPO services to several well respected clients. UNO offers its clients  email response, chat, data entry, campaign setup, auditing, amongst others, for companies in industries such as: Telecommunications, Rebates Management, Technical Support, IT Solution. UNO is able to meet the most demanding KPI (performance indicators).

Do you want to find out how UNO can help your company improve your services through our BPO solutions? Contact us for a free consultation and quote.

Technical Support

  • >Hardware and Software assistance, level 1, 2 and 3
  • >
  • >Voice and Chat Support
  • >Computer Diagnostics
  • >Support for installation of hardware and software
  • >Remote PC support

UNO has more than 11 years of experience providing voice and chat technical support. The right agent profile is key for these type of activities. UNO has strategic relations with the 5 major universities and all of the technical institutes, in which students and graduates are  recruited at UNO and provided career opportunities.