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United Nearshore Operations recognized as an ATD Champion of Learning

20 Marzo 2019

United Nearshore Operations family accomplishes another achievement for the successful implementation of Employee Learning Week, a global event that took place throughout December 3?7, 2018. This recognition was held by the ATD, Association for Talent Development, an organization based in Virginia, USA, with the mission of empowering professionals to develop talent in the workplace. UNO is now officially recognized as a ?Champion of Learning?, title that supports the constant desire and efforts to help their members become better proffesionals, since they?re their most valuable asset. Along the Employee Learning Week, UNO organized many activities, including video projections, trivias and workshops, giving employees the opportunity to keep learning while they had fun. Additionally, the company used this special week?s platform to lead a SME celebration, to award employees that maintained a high participation on the events. UNO also recognized the outstanding labor of t...

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UNO Strengthens bonds with 911 System

22 Febrero 2019

Since the beginning of the company, safety has been an indispensable component in all the tasks carried out in United Nearshore Operations, and the constant strengthening of it has been key to the holistic development of the company. That?s the reason why years ago the Occupational Health and Safety Committee was created, which looks after the welfare of all the members and associates of the company. The SST Committee, for its acronym in Spanish, is integrated by collaborators from different departments of UNO, thus allowing to have a more complete vision of the situations to be corrected and the topics of interest to be evaluated. As part of the extensive agenda of activities proposed by the SST Committee each year, last January a representation visited the facilities of the National System of Emergency and Security 911 of the city of Santiago, where they were very well received by mr. Francisco Carreño, Coordinator of Institutional Relations, Communications and Executive Manage...

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A milestone in UNOs history

04 Enero 2019

A year full of success, challenges and decisions for the improvement of our processes and the growth of our personnel, it was an amazing 2018. In addition, we had the opportunity to see materialized a dream that for years had been growing inside of us but still not a reality. To end the 2018, we had the opportunity to launch the first edition of our Quality Magazine, a project headed by the Quality Department of United Nearshore Operations, which with great effort managed to mark a milestone in the history of the company. This first edition was entitled \"This is us\" and managed to catch each reader?s attention in a very professional way, since it included articles from different departments and covered a variety of points of interest. Our quality department is defined as \"that group of extraordinary people who work hard and consistently to deliver brilliant results. We not only settle for seeing the results, but also investigate the reasons behind the opportuniti...

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UNO helps María Auxiliadora sector in Mao.

13 Noviembre 2018

Santiago, DR. At United Nearshore Operations we believe in the potential of every human being to do extraordinary things, and even more so when they have the necessary resources from an early age. Being a company that keeps implementing the latest innovations in the industry not only allows us to provide the best to our employees and clients, but also requires the constant renewal of our equipment. This is why we believe that the best way to continue this chain of development is to benefit others through our actions. During the month of October, UNO members and Mr. Rómulo Reyes -representative of the Institute of Technical Professional Training (INFOTEP)-, formally delivered 7 computers to the Parroquia María Auxiliadora in Mao City. Each of these machines is in perfect operation and has all the necessary equipment to be used immediately. Through these donations, UNO was able to benefit INFOTEP's IT students, enabling them to put their knowledge on computer re...

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José Clase represents UNO Call Center and sister companies during his trip to China

07 Noviembre 2018

Santiago, DR.During the month of November 2018, the President of the Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina, will be visiting the People's Republic of China with the purpose of officially inaugurating the Dominican Embassy in that country. Along with him more than a dozen businessmen and officials are traveling, completing with the President a busy schedule of work, invited by his counterpart of the Chinese nation, Xi Jinping. Through these commitments, new growth opportunities are sought for both the public and private sectors. The Dominican head of state will be traveling with José Clase president of the free zone park D Clase Corporation and shareholder in many other companies, the president of the National Council of Private Enterprise (Conep), Pedro Brache; as well as Juan Vicini, Frank Rainieri, Héctor José Rizek, Carlos José Martí, José Miguel Gónzalez Cuadra, Fernando Capellán, Mícalo Bermúdez, Fernando Villanueva, Felix García, Abraham Hazoury, among o...

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