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UNO regala amor al Voluntariado Jesús con los Niños

28 Febrero 2017

Buscando siempre apoyar a la comunidad e integrarnos  en actividades que promuevan la solidaridad y transmisión de valores, United Nearshore Operations (UNO) estuvo participando de la caminata organizada por el Voluntariado Jesús con los Niños el pasado miércoles 15 de Febrero del 2017. La misma fue realizada en los alrededores del Hospital Infantil Dr. Arturo Grullón de la ciudad de Santiago de los Caballeros y la empresa estuvo dando apoyo como una iniciativa de regalar amor de manera práctica y con acciones por motivo del Día del Amor y la Amistad. UNO colaboró con la compra de camisetas de esta institución, así como la recolección y entrega de variados donativos que incluyeron pañales y toallas húmedas, leche en polvo, alimentos y ropa. La actividad fue realizada con la finalidad de concienciar a la población en torno al Día Internacional del Cáncer Infantil. Vestidos de amarillo y portando camisetas del Voluntariado, los representantes d...

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Avaya ENGAGE Conference

17 Febrero 2017

Part of our executives attended the 2017 Avaya ENGAGE Conference in Las Vegas, NV, from February 12-15, 2017.   For several years we?ve been participating in this important event in order to renew our practices and expand our knowledge to bring to our clients and associates the best of the best. This time Stuart Cranston ?CEO-, Aristomelia Sosa ?ITH&I Manager- and Jhonny Román ?IT Director- were the commission selected to represent us amongst over 2,000 others Avaya users and speakers.   UNO?s technology and infrastructure department will be implementing new methods and develop other procedures to maximize the use of our Avaya devices and softwares.   Thanks to this experience our experts now have more tools to respond to the challenge of business engagement we face in the outsourcing industry.     About Avaya Avaya Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California ...

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Six Sigma specialists on our team

28 Diciembre 2016

Quality is extremely important to us and day after day we strive to achieve process improvements in order to bring better results to our clients; that's why we have Six Sigma specialists on our team. We take the opportunity to congratulate Lenin García, our Administrative Internal Auditor and Alejandro Lazala, Quality Assurance Manager, for being certified on December 2016 as Green Belt on Six Sigma methodology.ABOUT UNOUnited Nearshore Operations (UNO) is a global BPO and Customer Engagement Center located in Santiago, Dominican Republic. UNO was formed in January 2004, celebrating its 12th anniversary this year. UNO has established itself as the value proposition that is displayed not only as a service provider, but rather as a business partner for its customers. It is the leader in Caribbean industry standards for Contact Centers. UNO offers an innovative delivery approach, a strong design, implementation and management team as well as continuous process improvements utilizing...

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UNO Quality Month festivities: UNO Talks

18 Noviembre 2016

Within the UNO Quality Month festivities, the company had the initiative of presenting UNO Talks. Each week a group of selected Leaders, from different levels and departments, conducted presentations in a range of different subjects. They shared the key points to the success of our company as well as their experiences within the industry from their point of view, including frameworks of work they carry out in the organization and how it pertains to Quality. During the Celebration of UNO Quality Month we had the privilege to hear professionals who have between 10-20 years experience in the call center industry. Each presenter shared their own stories and wise words, while remaining focused on Quality of the service delivered. Vittorio Dall`Omo Chief Financial Officer (CEO) History of Call Centers in Dominican Republic Eddyth Durán Human Resources Senior Manager- Labor motivation of Millennials Alejandro Lazala Quality Assurance Manager- Emotions in a Quality...

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UNO Quality Month: Our passion, our goal

11 Noviembre 2016

 During this month of November we are celebrating Quality Month in UNO as part of a global initiative sponsored by the ASQ (American Society of Quality), who created the organization `World Quality`. This organization was created with the vision to promote the use and implementation of quality in all industries of the world. To support this initiative internally, we will be performing different activities to promote quality at all levels of the company.One of the main activities is the Quality Cup. We have designed a dynamic that will impact all the active campaigns in UNO, the objective to increase Quality Results and the synergy of teams at the Call Center level.We also have the UNO Talks every week where our Leaders, within the different levels and departments, will conduct presentations. They will share the key to the success of our company and their experiences within the industry from their point of view including frameworks of work they carry out in t...

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