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UNO donates essential tools to firefighters station

10 Mayo 2018

Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. During the month of April, United Nearshore Operations had the privilege to extend a helping hand providing essential tools for the service of the Gurabo Firefighters Station, located in Santiago, on the periphery of its facilities. The action was organized and carried out thanks to the management of the members of the SST Committee (Occupational Health and Safety Committee) of UNO, who have been doing an extraordinary and constant work both within the company and outside of it. Through the donation of a variety of items UNO was able to contribute to improving the daily rescue work carried out by firefighters throughout the area, as well as to facilitate the arduous process. This is a continuation of previous initiatives in order to supply part of the needs of the fire department of Santiago, reaffirming the commitment of UNO to ensure the development and welfare of its community and the surrounding areas. Within the...

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UNO wins outstanding Corporate Citizen award at PACE Convention

26 Abril 2018

Over the years United Nearshore Operations has maintained a continuous focus on helping the community and looking for new ways to involve their members in each social project. Years ago, UNO became member of PACE, the Professional Association for Customer Engagement; an organization that adds knowledge, innovation and networking with other outstanding companies? and leaders, mainly through their annual convention. This year, UNO had the honor to be recognized with the Outstanding Corporate Citizen Award. The award recognizes a PACE member, corporation or business, for its philanthropic impact in the community through direct or indirect support of charitable projects. Applicants must demonstrate a high-level of community spirit and participation, and motivate employees and/or colleagues to support and participate in charitable activities. ?As a company interested in the welfare of the society we?ve created an UNO Social Responsibility program with the objective of ...

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Outstanding employees are recognized by UNO

23 Abril 2018

Santiago de los Caballeros, DR.United Nearshore Operations is a constant promoter of excellence, that?s one of the reasons year after year its directors strive to honor those employees who have had an exemplary career, standing out as the best in their areas. Once again, UNO Call Center had the opportunity to celebrate its award ceremony for the Employees of the Year 2017, employees who maintained a high level of commitment to their duties and the correct performance of the company. Mrs. Eddyth Durán, Director of the Human Resources Department, Stuart Cranston and Vittorio Dall'Omo, CEO and CFO of the company respectively, led the event in which 28 employees were recognized; they were the main stars in a year of reinvention, challenges and growth. The company's executives were the ones in charge of delivering the awards as well as cash to these 28 employees in order to show their appreciation and motivating them to continue on the path of excellence in which they al...

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UNO receives Labor Ministry certification on Health and Safety Program

20 Abril 2018

Santiago, Dominican Republic. The Labor Ministry, through the General Direction of Hygiene and Industrial Safety (DGHSI), inaugurated last Monday for the second time in Santiago de los Caballeros the Safety and Health at Work Fair, this year under the slogan: "Safe and healthy generation", held within the facilities of the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), Santiago campus. On this occasion, 31 companies from different branches of activities were certified, along with 30 other organizations which renewed their certification. Within this group of certified companies was United Nearshore Operations (UNO), for having completed the authentication process on the Health and Safety Management program, covered by regulation 522-06 of the labor code. Obtaining this certification is the result of an arduous and constant effort to ensure a safe working environment for all its employees, with the highest standards of quality in the market, which is why UNO greatl...

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UNO participates of PACE Convention and Expo

03 Abril 2018

Continual improvement is key to United Nearshore Operations? services. That?s why UNO has participated over 12 times in the PACE (Professional Association for Customer Engagement) Convention and Expo to keep learning about the best practices in the industry, in order to continue providing outstanding engagement solutions to their customers. This year will be the 5th year consecutively participating of the convention, with the representation of its CEO, Stuart Cranston.The Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) is the only non-profit trade association dedicated exclusively to the advancement of companies that engage with customers via the contact center. PACE promotes their members' ability to provide outstanding customer service and sales solutions delivered via omni channel communication including voice, email, chat, text and social media. The value is provided via:   Unified voice in advocating for the benefit of contact centers ...

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