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Excellence happens at UNO

30 Octubre 2018

October 2018, Santiago, DR. October was a month full of activities in the framework of Customer Service Week celebrations, this year under the slogan \"Excellence happens here\". But, without a doubt, the most significant initiative we carried out that touched the hearts of our members was the Excellence Giveback. Through this drive in just 2 weeks we were able to gather boxes full of necessary donations for the work carried out by the Volunteering Jesus with Children. In United Nearshore Operations we care about the development of our communities, to meet the needs of non-profit organizations and to contribute to the development of our country, especially the northern region, so drive of donations filled us with much enthusiasm. Volunteering Jesus with Children is a nonprofit institution that serves and supports children with cancer and their families through actions that help them alleviate the impact of the physical, emotional and economic burden of the disea...

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United Nearshore Operations launches new advertising campaign

06 Julio 2018

Santiago, Dominican Republic. During the month of July UNO Call Center launched a new advertising campaign through different digital platforms in order to attract new candidates and expand their benefits to more people. This campaign aims primarily to share with the public all the benefits that characterize United Nearshore Operations and that over the years their own employees have highlighted, among them: the stability they provide, the responsibility with the payment, the variety of projects they have both in English and in Spanish, a pleasant work environment and a benefit package that seeks to help its members in a complete way. In an industry such as the Call Centers, where the market has become increasingly competitive, it is important that candidates in search of jobs place their trust in the experience of recognized companies with a long history such as UNO, avoiding joining companies that operate without complying with the required security regulations, ...

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UNO Participates at HILL job fair

30 Mayo 2018

Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. United Nearshore Operations has stood out throughout its years of operation promoting equity among its members, and even among its candidates. That?s the reason why UNO is constantly looking for ways to get involved in job fairs aimed to the most diverse range of candidates, regardless of social status, gender, preferences or beliefs. This time United Nearshore Operations participated in the first HILL Employment Conference "Towards Local Labor Insertion", organized last Friday May 18th with the support of institutions such as USAID, ENTRENA, FUNCAPEX and CAPEX. This initiative seeks to offer support to qualified local talent, with the offer of job opportunities that allow them to actively join the national productive market. The job fair was held in the facilities of CAPEX-Center for Innovation and Professional Training- with young people trained in the areas of ??accounting, high-impact telephone operator, electric...

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UNO donates essential tools to firefighters station

10 Mayo 2018

Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. During the month of April, United Nearshore Operations had the privilege to extend a helping hand providing essential tools for the service of the Gurabo Firefighters Station, located in Santiago, on the periphery of its facilities. The action was organized and carried out thanks to the management of the members of the SST Committee (Occupational Health and Safety Committee) of UNO, who have been doing an extraordinary and constant work both within the company and outside of it. Through the donation of a variety of items UNO was able to contribute to improving the daily rescue work carried out by firefighters throughout the area, as well as to facilitate the arduous process. This is a continuation of previous initiatives in order to supply part of the needs of the fire department of Santiago, reaffirming the commitment of UNO to ensure the development and welfare of its community and the surrounding areas. Within the...

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UNO wins outstanding Corporate Citizen award at PACE Convention

26 Abril 2018

Over the years United Nearshore Operations has maintained a continuous focus on helping the community and looking for new ways to involve their members in each social project. Years ago, UNO became member of PACE, the Professional Association for Customer Engagement; an organization that adds knowledge, innovation and networking with other outstanding companies? and leaders, mainly through their annual convention. This year, UNO had the honor to be recognized with the Outstanding Corporate Citizen Award. The award recognizes a PACE member, corporation or business, for its philanthropic impact in the community through direct or indirect support of charitable projects. Applicants must demonstrate a high-level of community spirit and participation, and motivate employees and/or colleagues to support and participate in charitable activities. ?As a company interested in the welfare of the society we?ve created an UNO Social Responsibility program with the objective of ...

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