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COVID-19: A challenge that strengthens our commitment to each member of UNO

03 Junio 2020

2020 has brought with it more changes than we would have ever imagined, even within an industry as diverse and innovative as Contact Centers. A virus that has been present in every continent of the planet has been the driving force of an exponential adaptation process in a matter of weeks at all levels, not being the exception for United Nearshore Operations. The health and well-being of our human force has always been a priority for the company\'s management and has been even more clearly evidenced in these times. Since the beginning of March of the current year, the Emergency and Business Continuity Committee of UNO Call Center has been working hard for the correct prevention of contagion by Coronavirus (COVID-19) while the collaborators continued working from our headquarters. With the measures implemented, it was possible to safeguard the health of everyone by preventing any of our members from being infected with this virus. Since then we?ve kept constant communica...

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