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UNO Strengthens bonds with 911 System

22 Febrero 2019

Since the beginning of the company, safety has been an indispensable component in all the tasks carried out in United Nearshore Operations, and the constant strengthening of it has been key to the holistic development of the company. That?s the reason why years ago the Occupational Health and Safety Committee was created, which looks after the welfare of all the members and associates of the company. The SST Committee, for its acronym in Spanish, is integrated by collaborators from different departments of UNO, thus allowing to have a more complete vision of the situations to be corrected and the topics of interest to be evaluated. As part of the extensive agenda of activities proposed by the SST Committee each year, last January a representation visited the facilities of the National System of Emergency and Security 911 of the city of Santiago, where they were very well received by mr. Francisco Carreño, Coordinator of Institutional Relations, Communications and Executive Manage...

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