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COVID-19: A challenge that strengthens our commitment to each member of UNO

03 Junio 2020

2020 has brought with it more changes than we would have ever imagined, even within an industry as diverse and innovative as Contact Centers. A virus that has been present in every continent of the planet has been the driving force of an exponential adaptation process in a matter of weeks at all levels, not being the exception for United Nearshore Operations. The health and well-being of our human force has always been a priority for the company\'s management and has been even more clearly evidenced in these times. Since the beginning of March of the current year, the Emergency and Business Continuity Committee of UNO Call Center has been working hard for the correct prevention of contagion by Coronavirus (COVID-19) while the collaborators continued working from our headquarters. With the measures implemented, it was possible to safeguard the health of everyone by preventing any of our members from being infected with this virus. Since then we?ve kept constant communica...

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The magic of service touches FACCI Friends Against Childhood Cancer Foundation

03 Diciembre 2019

December 3rd, 2019 Since October 2019, United Nearshore Operations decided to join Tapitas x Quimio campaign within the framework of its Customer Service Week celebrations. The theme of the most recent Customer Service Week revolved around ?The Magic of Service?, an issue that remained present in each of the internal dynamics as well as the projection towards initiatives outside the company that were supported. The last two months have served to raise awareness of the small actions we can take day after day to achieve a great impact. Tapitas x Quimio seeks to collect plastic caps, to be sold and subsequently donate the money raised to FACCI ?standing for Friends Against Childhood Cancer Foundation in Spanish- located in La Feria sector in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The goal of this campaign is to reach the total of 4.5 million plastic caps through their gathering centers throughout the country, and with the money raised be able to afford the treatments of many...

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Customer Experience Summit 2019

15 Mayo 2019

We had the opportunity to participate in the Customer Experience Summit organized by the BPrO Colombian Association of BPO. This is the largest event in the BPO and CC industry in Latin America and our directors Luis Díaz and Winston Pichardo took full advantage of this opportunity to update knowledge and develop new business relationships. Through the 2019 CX Summit the main goal was to ?understand and analyze the evolution of business and its relationship with the customer. This summit will be a space based on innovation, digital transformation, talent management and artificial intelligence, allowing companies to know, structure and create the right value offer for each sector of the economy.?

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May 2019 Member Spotlight

07 Mayo 2019

\"Every month, PACE highlights a member who provides exemplary service and positively impacts the contact center industry. UNO has been providing award-winning services in multiple languages since its launch in 2004.   UNO currently holds 70% of the local contact center market share in Santiago, Dominican Republic; making it the largest and most stable call center service provider in the region.   UNO abides by the most stringent standards and best practices which are instrumental in fostering successful relationships with clients. UNO certifications include HIPPA, PCI DSS Level 1; alongside embracing: ISO 27001, Six Sigma, and COPC standards.   As part of its diverse portfolio, UNO provides multi-tiered services to Fortune 100 and 500 clients in: Consumer electronics, Telecommunications, Retail, Heal/Life Insurance, Financial/Banking, and Hardware/Software verticals via Voice/Chat and Email support.    UNO has the experienc...

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Orgullosos de formar parte de ADOZONA y el Cluster de CC & BPO

25 Abril 2019

Con decenas de áreas de especialización, nuestra industria cuenta con una amplia y atractiva propuesta laboral para diferentes perfiles, desde desarrolladores de Softwares hasta especialistas en contabilidad.  Entre las áreas de desarrollo, se destacan: -Gestión de canales de ventas -Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) -Technical Support & Help Desk -Servicio al cliente  Evolucionando a áreas aun más especializadas como: -Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO)-Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) Descubre tu mejor versión y potencia tus capacidades con nosotros, Centro de Contacto y BPO afiliado a la Asociación Dominicana de ZOnas Francas (ADOZONA)

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