United Nearshore Operations launches new advertising campaign

06 Julio 2018

Santiago, Dominican Republic.

During the month of July UNO Call Center launched a new advertising campaign through different digital platforms in order to attract new candidates and expand their benefits to more people.

This campaign aims primarily to share with the public all the benefits that characterize United Nearshore Operations and that over the years their own employees have highlighted, among them: the stability they provide, the responsibility with the payment, the variety of projects they have both in English and in Spanish, a pleasant work environment and a benefit package that seeks to help its members in a complete way.

In an industry such as the Call Centers, where the market has become increasingly competitive, it is important that candidates in search of jobs place their trust in the experience of recognized companies with a long history such as UNO, avoiding joining companies that operate without complying with the required security regulations, that seem to offer very striking contracts but end up being a hoax to the candidates.

As expressed in one of the phrases of the new campaign of this call center "Stability is our middle name", and the evidence speaks for itself; hundreds of active employees, more than 14 years in the market, local and international clients, state-of-the-art technologies and much more, which make United Nearshore Operations the number ONE option for agents and companies willing to outsource.