UNO wins outstanding Corporate Citizen award at PACE Convention

26 Abril 2018

Over the years United Nearshore Operations has maintained a continuous focus on helping the community and looking for new ways to involve their members in each social project. Years ago, UNO became member of PACE, the Professional Association for Customer Engagement; an organization that adds knowledge, innovation and networking with other outstanding companies? and leaders, mainly through their annual convention.

This year, UNO had the honor to be recognized with the Outstanding Corporate Citizen Award. The award recognizes a PACE member, corporation or business, for its philanthropic impact in the community through direct or indirect support of charitable projects. Applicants must demonstrate a high-level of community spirit and participation, and motivate employees and/or colleagues to support and participate in charitable activities.

?As a company interested in the welfare of the society we?ve created an UNO Social Responsibility program with the objective of contributing to the sustainable development of our community, as well as to create a social responsibility culture amongst our employees. Our expectation is to contribute not only to the improvement of our community but also to develop a culture of solidarity and generosity in our teams?, expressed Eddyth Durán, HHRR Director.

In the past two years UNO has participated in several initiatives including:

·        School supplies donation for public schools in underprivileged areas in different rural communities of Santiago and other nearby cities.

·        Christmas celebration and gifts donation to different foundations that work with underprivileged kids.

·        Monetary contribution plus direct participation in a march for the support of the ?Voluntariado Jesús con los Niños? (Volunteer Group Jesus with the children), which is a nonprofit organization that works helping the low income families that have children struggling with cancer.

·        Participation in the cleaning efforts of the Gurabo river, which is highly contaminated area in the community where we come together with several other groups in the community organize cleaning and decontamination strategies.

·        Participation on the march and other activities to promote a non-violence culture against children in our community. For this we work also in conjunction with the Jose Delio Clase foundation and other groups in the community, that are care-providers for some of employees children.

·        ESL English as a Second Language Programs. Our company has actively participated providing support through the use of our facilities and managing the motivational promotion in the community of different programs that are organize with educational institutions such as Capex and Infotep, with programs designed to teach English to young people, that don?t have a formal education, with the objective that we this skill they can be integrated in the call center industry and obtain a decent job that would directly impact on their standard of living.