Outstanding employees are recognized by UNO

23 Abril 2018
Santiago de los Caballeros, DR.

United Nearshore Operations is a constant promoter of excellence, that?s one of the reasons year after year its directors strive to honor those employees who have had an exemplary career, standing out as the best in their areas. Once again, UNO Call Center had the opportunity to celebrate its award ceremony for the Employees of the Year 2017, employees who maintained a high level of commitment to their duties and the correct performance of the company.

Mrs. Eddyth Durán, Director of the Human Resources Department, Stuart Cranston and Vittorio Dall'Omo, CEO and CFO of the company respectively, led the event in which 28 employees were recognized; they were the main stars in a year of reinvention, challenges and growth.

The company's executives were the ones in charge of delivering the awards as well as cash to these 28 employees in order to show their appreciation and motivating them to continue on the path of excellence in which they already are.

From the area of ??operations were awarded for their hard work: Edwin Cruz Torres, Manuel Rodríguez Mejía, Alaucy García Pérez, Miarose Ishijima, Anatalia Guzmán Domínguez, Almeyda Peña Pujols, Gabriela Santana Reynoso, Arisleyda Veras González, Crisania Medina Reyes, Indy Colón Vargas, Wanda Contreras Henríquez, Gabriel Alonzo Rodríguez, Brainy Padilla Batista, Frito Pierre, Luis Mercedes Mayi, Antonio Fernández Pérez and the supervisor of the year was Karen Santos Ureña. Of the administrative personnel, UNO recognized like Quality Assurance of the year Erick Quezada Ureña and Wanda Rosario Encarnación; in the Technology Department Alice Guzmán García, Juan Paulino Marte and Williams Martínez Tejada; from the Accounting Department Raquel Andújar Morel; in the Training Department Anyelly Pérez Torres; from the Human Resources Department Rebeca Ovalles Guzmán, Lenín García Matos as Auditor of the year, Joel Solares Durán from the Work Force Department and as Manager of the year Erick Fernández Morel.

The event was held at the Las Maras Hall of Camp David Ranch, in the city of Santiago, where investors and executives of the company, along with award-winning employees, associates and the invited press gathered to enjoy the activity.