UNO receives Labor Ministry certification on Health and Safety Program

20 Abril 2018

Santiago, Dominican Republic.

The Labor Ministry, through the General Direction of Hygiene and Industrial Safety (DGHSI), inaugurated last Monday for the second time in Santiago de los Caballeros the Safety and Health at Work Fair, this year under the slogan: "Safe and healthy generation", held within the facilities of the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), Santiago campus.

On this occasion, 31 companies from different branches of activities were certified, along with 30 other organizations which renewed their certification. Within this group of certified companies was United Nearshore Operations (UNO), for having completed the authentication process on the Health and Safety Management program, covered by regulation 522-06 of the labor code.

Obtaining this certification is the result of an arduous and constant effort to ensure a safe working environment for all its employees, with the highest standards of quality in the market, which is why UNO greatly appreciates the support given by each one of the members of its Occupational Health and Safety committee, as well as the company's leaders, for their willingness and commitment.

The delivery of certifications was carried out in the main auditorium of the library of the UASD Santiago campus, headed by the deputy minister of labor Mari Norki Ozuna, and other prominent personalities representing the Labor Ministry, the General Direction of Hygiene and Industrial Safety (DGHSI), as well as members of the administrative management of the UASD.