UNO Call Center contributes to the development of the population through INFOTEP

21 Noviembre 2017

Last Monday, November 20th, 2017 United Nearshore Operations (UNO) made a donation to INFOTEP. The Instituto Nacional de Formación Técnico Profesional (INFOTEP) is a non-profit organization that serves as rector of the national system of professional technical training of the Dominican Republic, providing services since 1980.

In a disinterested manner, the recognized Call Center UNO proceeded to deliver 30 computers for the improvement of the services offered by INFOTEP and contribute to the hard work that this organization carries out day after day, training young people and adults in the technical area. Students were able to practice what they've learned repairing the machines. After that, the computers were donated to Ministerio Visionario Mateo 20:28 in Villa Hortensia, a non profit organization that offers different services to the community around them.

United Nearshore Operations feels joyful to be a part of this cause and to be able to help improve the lives of so many people, directly providing sources of income at the internal level of the company, and indirectly through actions such as this in aid of other organisms.

About UNO

United Nearshore Operations (UNO) is a company of business process outsourcing and customer relationship management for both foreign and local companies, establishing itself as a value proposition in which it is visualized not only as a service provider, but rather as a a business partner for your customers. It is the leading company in the Caribbean in the standards of the Contact Center industry.

UNO started its operations in 2004, led by important businessmen of the Cibao, led by the prominent businessman José Clase. UNO has 45,000 square feet of facilities and currently has more than 1,100 employees in its workforce. Over the years this company has stood out for offering stability and the best benefits and compensation plans for its employees; always staying at the forefront in terms of infrastructure and high investments in cutting edge technology.