UNO Quality Month festivities: UNO Talks

18 Noviembre 2016

Within the UNO Quality Month festivities, the company had the initiative of presenting UNO Talks. Each week a group of selected Leaders, from different levels and departments, conducted presentations in a range of different subjects. They shared the key points to the success of our company as well as their experiences within the industry from their point of view, including frameworks of work they carry out in the organization and how it pertains to Quality.

During the Celebration of UNO Quality Month we had the privilege to hear professionals who have between 10-20 years experience in the call center industry. Each presenter shared their own stories and wise words, while remaining focused on Quality of the service delivered.

  • Vittorio Dall`Omo Chief Financial Officer (CEO) History of Call Centers in Dominican Republic
  • Eddyth Durán Human Resources Senior Manager- Labor motivation of Millennials
  • Alejandro Lazala Quality Assurance Manager- Emotions in a Quality system
  • Erick Fernández Operations Manager- Kaizen: work and life philosophy for continuous improvement
  • Felianthony Quezada Operations Senior Manager- It`s not what you say; it`s how you say it
  • Winston Pichardo Operations Director-Outsourcing: Outstanding opportunities for the next generation professional
  • Wanda Comprés Training Manager- How to work efficiently and happy
  • José Estévez Operations Manager- Commitment to quality in the digital revolution
  • Aristomelia Sosa IT Hardware & Infrastructure Manager- Technology at the service of quality

We will soon be sharing videos and more information about the UNO Talks. This was just the beginning of the Quality Month experience in UNO and we are eager to see what next years celebration will bring.


United Nearshore Operations (UNO) is a global BPO and Customer Engagement Center located in Santiago, Dominican Republic. UNO was formed in January 2004, celebrating its 12th anniversary this year. UNO has established itself as the value proposition that is displayed not only as a service provider, but rather as a business partner for its customers. It is the leader in Caribbean industry standards for Contact Centers. UNO offers an innovative delivery approach, a strong design, implementation and management team as well as continuous process improvements utilizing industry benchmarks and advancements.

UNO has a facility of 45,000 square feet and currently have more than 1,100 employees in its workforce. Over the years this company has been noted for stability and offers the best benefits and compensation plans for their employees; always keeping one step ahead in terms of infrastructure and high investments in technology.