The magic of service touches FACCI Friends Against Childhood Cancer Foundation

03 Diciembre 2019

December 3rd, 2019

Since October 2019, United Nearshore Operations decided to join Tapitas x Quimio campaign within the framework of its Customer Service Week celebrations. The theme of the most recent Customer Service Week revolved around ?The Magic of Service?, an issue that remained present in each of the internal dynamics as well as the projection towards initiatives outside the company that were supported. The last two months have served to raise awareness of the small actions we can take day after day to achieve a great impact. Tapitas x Quimio seeks to collect plastic caps, to be sold and subsequently donate the money raised to FACCI ?standing for Friends Against Childhood Cancer Foundation in Spanish- located in La Feria sector in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The goal of this campaign is to reach the total of 4.5 million plastic caps through their gathering centers throughout the country, and with the money raised be able to afford the treatments of many of the children that are part of the foundation. Many of these children travel from other provinces to Santo Domingo to receive their chemotherapies.

We joined this cause seeking to alleviate the burden that the families bear every day, doing all they can to help their kids be happy and healthy again. This initiative has allowed us to continue raising awareness among our staff about taking care of the environment and the proper use of resources, in addition to giving us the opportunity to pursue as a team to achieve a common goal, this time being able to donate more than 114 pounds of plastic. This weight is equivalent to around 26,000 plastic caps, which were delivered to the foundation on Tuesday, December 3rd in the framework of ?Giving Tuesday? an international celebration that inspires people and enterprises all over the world to do all sorts of donations.

?When you share the goodness in your heart, you always end up winning because life is an echo, which returns what you have given.?