Outstanding employees are recognized by UNO

21 Marzo 2019

Santiago de los Caballeros, DR.

A well-known phrase affirms that \\\"next to the excellence, comes the recognition\\\" and United Nearshore Operations is a faithful believer of this, reason why they celebrated their ninth Employee of the Year ceremony award. Employees who maintained high levels of performance and were key pieces in the fulfillment of the objectives set by the organization throughout 2018 were recognized.

On this occasion, the activity was driven by José Estévez, Operations Manager, where 24 employees were rewarded, as protagonists in their work departments, along a full year of challenges. From Operations areas were recognized for their hard work: Claudia Veras Martinez, Joelle Alcide, Maridalia Fernandez Cruz, Miarose Ishijima, Nairoby Almonte Matias, Juan Carlos Valdez, Luis Fernando Fernandez, Sandy Gomez Santos, Félix Núñez Minaya, Suly de la Cruz Rosario , Francis López Capellán, Robin Núñez Estévez, Milagros Inoa Adames and as Supervisor of the Year Patrick Dabady stood out. Of the administrative personnel, was recognized as Quality Auditor of the year Luz Reyes Ramos; in the Technology Department Yamil Estévez Guzmán, Arismendy Cruz Crisóstomo, and Raine Sánchez Miranda; from the Accounting Department Yolanda Martínez Peña, from the Training Department Wanda Rosario Encarnación, from the Human Resources Department Kellyn Rodríguez Medrano; Yamilka Rodríguez Castillo as Auditor of the year, Ronald Rodríguez from Work Force Management, and as Manager of the year, Karen Veloz Taveras.

In addition, this wonderful night was the platform used to surprise three founding members of UNO, leaders who have grown along with the company during these 15 years, not without lots of sacrifice and compromise. Aristomelia Sosa, Technology, Hardware and Infrastructure Manager, Vittorio Dall\\\'Omo, Chief Financial Officer, and Erick Fernández, Operations Manager, were recognized by the company highlighting the incomparable work they have sustained throughout their career. In emotional speeches of gratitude, the honorees shared a little of the valuable memories, they have of their beginnings in UNO and thanked for such a beautiful demonstration of affection. To conclude, Mr. Vittorio Dall\\\'Omo thanked each person present for what they have added to UNO Call Center, stating that \\\"What is UNO today, we all are\\\".

The event took place in the Las Maras Hall of Camp David Ranch, in the city of Santiago.