A milestone in UNOs history

04 Enero 2019

A year full of success, challenges and decisions for the improvement of our processes and the growth of our personnel, it was an amazing 2018. In addition, we had the opportunity to see materialized a dream that for years had been growing inside of us but still not a reality.

To end the 2018, we had the opportunity to launch the first edition of our Quality Magazine, a project headed by the Quality Department of United Nearshore Operations, which with great effort managed to mark a milestone in the history of the company. This first edition was entitled \"This is us\" and managed to catch each reader?s attention in a very professional way, since it included articles from different departments and covered a variety of points of interest.

Our quality department is defined as \"that group of extraordinary people who work hard and consistently to deliver brilliant results. We not only settle for seeing the results, but also investigate the reasons behind the opportunities found\".

Their vision is to be the number 1 department for support functions and positively impact the quality and customer experience metrics in the existing campaigns, always characterized by values ??such as integrity, mutual respect, teamwork, positive attitude, excellent service to the customer and innovation. Since the end of 2016, our Quality department adopted the slogan \'Our passion, Our goal\' celebrating for the first time a Quality Month, and since then it has been even more evident the passion they put into each task assigned.

We are proud to see how we continue to grow, not only in numbers, but in the quality of our staff and see how through this initiative an unprecedented synergy was created between members of different departments, with such diverse functions and talents. We sincerely thank each collaborator who was involved for weeks, sacrificing their own interests, to turn this dream into a reality. In a very special way, we thank Alejandro Lazala, our Senior Quality Manager, for being the forerunner of this initiative, filling each person involved with enthusiasm and spreading the same vision.