UNO helps María Auxiliadora sector in Mao.

13 Noviembre 2018

Santiago, DR.

At United Nearshore Operations we believe in the potential of every human being to do extraordinary things, and even more so when they have the necessary resources from an early age. Being a company that keeps implementing the latest innovations in the industry not only allows us to provide the best to our employees and clients, but also requires the constant renewal of our equipment. This is why we believe that the best way to continue this chain of development is to benefit others through our actions.

During the month of October, UNO members and Mr. Rómulo Reyes -representative of the Institute of Technical Professional Training (INFOTEP)-, formally delivered 7 computers to the Parroquia María Auxiliadora in Mao City. Each of these machines is in perfect operation and has all the necessary equipment to be used immediately.

Through these donations, UNO was able to benefit INFOTEP's IT students, enabling them to put their knowledge on computer repair and restoration into practice, and also to provide children and teenagers with limited resources in Mao with a computer center that allows them to develop and exploit their skills. This has been a continuous initiative from UNO Call Center through time, previously colaborating in the improvement of a community center in the Villa Hortensia sector in Santiago, with the donation of other equipment.