Excellence happens at UNO

30 Octubre 2018

October 2018, Santiago, DR.

October was a month full of activities in the framework of Customer Service Week celebrations, this year under the slogan \"Excellence happens here\". But, without a doubt, the most significant initiative we carried out that touched the hearts of our members was the Excellence Giveback.

Through this drive in just 2 weeks we were able to gather boxes full of necessary donations for the work carried out by the Volunteering Jesus with Children. In United Nearshore Operations we care about the development of our communities, to meet the needs of non-profit organizations and to contribute to the development of our country, especially the northern region, so drive of donations filled us with much enthusiasm.

Volunteering Jesus with Children is a nonprofit institution that serves and supports children with cancer and their families through actions that help them alleviate the impact of the physical, emotional and economic burden of the disease. In addition, volunteering maintains a firm commitment to the humanization of health services for a better life quality.

The bonds between Volunteering Jesus with Children and UNO have been strengthened over the years, providing support on different occasions with the purchase of their promotional products, participating in their activities, giving donations and being spokespeople for their work. Through the Excellence Giveback, we motivated our teams to donate various foods that the foundation was urgently in need of to provide the families of the children who receive daily medical treatment. Among the donated foods were cookies and crackers, oats, flour, cereals, jelly, milk, rice, canned non-perishable foods, among others, delivering 4 boxes full of these items.

Through these actions we continue reaffirming our commitment with the society and our deep desire to impact the lives of other people. Excellence definitely happens here!