Employees Testimonials

Working with UNO family It?s an amazing experience. The best thing about the company is the growth opportunities and stability. I started as a Bilingual Receptionist in 2012 and 9 months later I escalated to the Recruitment team. In 2015 I was promoted to be a Senior Recruitment and Selection Analyst leading the recruitment team and following all the Hiring process with the internal... Read more

Ana Luisa Pena Analista de Desarrollo Organizacional

One of the things that motivates me to work for UNO is the constant opportunities for growth it offers its employees, both personally and professionally, providing training in various fields allowing us to increase our potential and thus perform an excellent job. Thanks to UNO, I have been able to improve myself, obtaining the necessary knowledge to be able to reach the position that I currentl... Read more

Jespe Zapata Operations supervisor

UNO is a great place to grow and develop professionally and personally. In the company I had worked as Accounts Receivable, Project Coordinator and Financial Analyst.  I appreciate the opportunity that UNO has given to me and the experience acquired in different job positions that I have assumed.

I currently enjoy the challenge of working as accounting manager and  I feel so glad to be part of the UNO crew and my coworkers.

Farida Dominguez Accounting manager

I started working for UNO on February 14, 2007 as a customer service representative. Here is when I meet two people that gave me wonderful advice that changed my future in the company, with their guidance in customer service and leadership I was able to develop skills of my own to become an outstanding representative.  I have been employee of the month several times and with hard work ... Read more

Galvin Santos Quality Auditor

It?s unbelievable how much I?ve learned and grown within this company. When I started as a representative four years and nine months ago, in which (position) I only spent seven months, I would?ve never imagined all those changes would happen. I was promoted from a bilingual representative to Quality Analyst, and then to Operations Supervisor. I?ve been employee of the year and the quarter ... Read more

Patrick Dabady Operations Supervisor

As part of UNO?s IT department, I have had the opportunity to grow professionally, starting as a HelpDesk Technician in 2011 and going through other positions until being Senior IT Hardware Engineer. It really is a challenging and constantly changing position, but it is part of what fills me and excites me about what I do.

For me, each of the positions in which I have worked has been a di... Read more

Alice Guzmán Senior IT hardware Engineer