In 2012, we partnered with UNO to service the Spanish-speaking segment of one of our client engagements. Thus far, UNO has delivered on its commitments and has fielded a performance and management team that has been above par.

SHORE appreciates UNO\'s collaboration at every step of the way. UNO has always been a pleasure to deal with, even during system changes and platform updates (when most communications can be made out of office hours).

Jonathan Smith COO SHORE Solutions

We first partnered with UNO before our busy holiday season, and they were able to quickly help us provide great seamless customer service to our customers.   Today, UNO provides a dedicated customer service team to augment our internal operations and scales up our support during the Holiday season.  We take customer service very seriously and UNO has been a great partner to us.  UNO is very data and process driven and has been able to scale easily when we need them to.  Our partnership with UNO continues to grow based on the success and strong management team and the quality of UNO €™agents.

Jon Kosoff Vice President of eCommerce & CRM Hot Topic and Torrid Retail Stores
Working with UNO for the past 5 years has been a great experience that has blossomed into a wonderful partnership.  The Operations Manager has fostered a close working relationship with all members of our team which allows for personalized service with quick responses to our questions or issues.  They are always willing and eager to take on new product lines or projects with very little fuss.  Short lead times are not an issue either; UNO always rises to the challenge.  We look forward to a long-lasting partnership and the quality service that they provide to our custom

Angela King Outside Customer Contact Center Manager Brother International